Modern Renaissance

In my attempt to style a modern version of how I relate to the Renaissance period, I had to wrap my head around what fashion in the Renaissance period actually meant. After reading about Renaissance fashion to me it meant the introduction of luxury and excessiveness. Luxury in textiles, fabrics like ornate baroque and tapestry patterns, pearls, lace, and lots of gold jewelry. Black velvet was a staple fabric in the renaissance period.


I picked my styling according to what I liked most about fashion in the renaissance. I really tried to give a modern interpretation verses a literal one. For example I wanted to use a ruff but in a modern way, so I paired in with a embellished blouse.


The black jacket below is ruffled at the bottom and the fabric is very ornate…. but unfortunately you miss that element in the black backdrop. I also found this crown below at acostume shop (which is where I also rented the ruff). 


Vogue, Vogue Japan, Vogue Germany, Italian Vogue…. etc..etc all have done some type of Renaissance fashion editorial.  I have to say there are so many amazing interpretations out there on making renaissance fashion modern.