Wear Blue Run To Remember

I had the pleasure of styling Lisa Hallet of Wear Blue: Run to Remember  for Parents Magazine. The magazine was featuring the Wear Blue: Run to Remember Director & Co Founder in Moms of the moment: The 10 Most Influential Millennial Mothers of 2015. (May 2015 issue) After spending the day with Lisa and her kids all I can tell you is she an incredible women and mother.  I was amazed with her patience level, positive attitude, and well-behaved children. If you have worked on a kids shoot before you can appreciate when they actually listen to their mom!


Lisa and along with her 3 beautiful children were also photographed together that day. This was shot in Dupont, Washington which is about an hour outside of Seattle. You can donate:  Wear Blue Run To Remember here.  Purchase your wear blue run to remember t-shirt here.
photographer: Erin Kunkel/ Mua: Jamyrlyn Mallory