quick wardrobe change


I was styling an advertising shoot at Planet Hollywood Resort on the Las Vegas Strip. After the shot was called for this causal bar/lounge scene, the client asked if we could do a night clubbing shot. The photographer asked if I could pull a quick wardrobe change and have all talent ready in 15 minutes. After I excitedly said, YES three times, I  started running to the wardrobe room. The wardrobe room was in one of the hotel rooms, that happened to involve a elevator ride and a brisk walk threw the casino. Here I am running threw the casino with clothing and necklaces in hand. It literally looked like a closet threw up on me.


Special thank you to my lovely assistant Betsey who captured this moment when I returned back to basecamp. I love doing quick wardrobe changes to get extra  shots in. Usually since these types of shots are unplanned I really get the chance to be creative and think on my feet. For example I used a swimsuits in the shot above. The stripped tank top above is really a one piece bathing suit, and the red looking tube top is really a bathing suit top. Also the lovely model front & center is model/ dancer Katina Amato.

Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 2.47.01 PM.png